hello! Im Sim Simi
Schaa AL Hassan

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Its hurt to me to accept all this stupid things. :'(
oke, i'll try.. i always asked WHO ARE YOU FOR ME?
but why my answer is still : YOU ARE EVERYTHINGS ..
you dont know how i felt!! or maybe you never want to know..
oke, maybe you always make me lough infront me, but behind?? you actually broke my heart..
i dont know why i must in love with you? damn kan??! try to ignore, try to neglect you but i can't. 
your love is too big for me, too strong, and too special... but i hope i can face on it..
and hope one day you know what i feel right now. :) 
and now i'm waiting for MRSM result. i want run away from you. i want forget my big stupid love. 
i just want happy..!! happy with my beautiful life. but maybe when i come back, i will find you.. 
i dont why?? but i will .... 


#OH God, I Love Him :'(