hello! Im Sim Simi
Schaa AL Hassan

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crying again =,=''
its so difficult for me to forget you.. even thought you broke my heart but i still need you in my life.. when you care about me , i felt like i'm the owner on this world.. i felt that i am one of the people who are very happy in the world .. but now ? why you always make me cry ? whats wrong with you? are you felt bored with me? i know i'm not a perfect girlfie for you.. i know i can't give you everything that you want.  i know i;m not like you ex.. but at least i try to make you happy with me.. i try to make you comfortable with me.. i always here beside you.. i always want to know all about you but do you do the same thing on me? you never care bout me!! BREAK?! don't you ever ever mention about that cause i'm not ready to leave you. hmm... now., we're not like couples pon.. you always busy with your life while i was always busy thinking about us.. SILLY ME !